In Search of Darkness II Review (2020)

My History With the Film:
Last year, I reviewed In Search of Darkness, a documentary exploring the themes, fads, and narratives of 80’s horror films. A literal who’s who of 80’s horror showed up to drop tidbits of knowledge on the viewer reading impressions of certain films or behind the scenes trivia. It’s a wonderful film that I enjoyed watching every minute of.

In October 2020, my buddy Michael texted me to let me know there was a sequel coming. I was extremely interested and in January 2021, I sat down for another four hour romp through the 1980’s.

What The Film Is About (Non-Spoiler):
Horror fans, celebrities, and icons discuss 80’s horror films and their themes and impact.

What I Liked About It:
-I love the format of this documentary series. It goes year-by-year, highlighting three to five movies and occasionally interjects with a broader topic such “Robert Englund on Robert Englund.” It’s not a deep dive into anything, so it makes for a very easy watch that gives you broad overview. It’s an excellent primer on 80’s horror and a great way for seasoned fans to find new factoids and even movies to watch.

-Some new talking heads were brought out for this film such as Chris Jericho (AEW Wrestler), Clancy Brown (Highlander), and Jackie Kong (Blood Diner). These three made for the best of the new additions.

What I Didn’t Like About It:
-There is large portion of this documentary dedicated to foreign horror. The Italian horror scene exploded in the 1980’s and this documentary sets out to honor it as so. Sadly, I’m just not a fan of Italian horror. So, I found myself watching at least half an hour of this film in anticipation for the next film/break.

-This film is clearly made up of the scraps. A lot of the big names from the first film are missing or used rather sparingly. The titles they choose to feature are not necessary the best of the rest and this made for a sizeable quality dip. This means less John Carpenter and more of the guy from Slipknot.

Additional Notes:

I loved the first In Search of Darkness and I really liked the second. There is a drop in quality, but this is based on what I’m to assume is a lack of access to all the original interviewees. Still, I’d sit down and watch several more entries in this franchise because I think they’ve still got a lot to cover. I’d also love to see one set in the 70’s, 90’s, and even 2000’s.

In Search of Darkness II is a solid three out of five and a high priority rental.

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