Horror Speak

A few years ago, I wrote A Tribute to House of Horrors and Horror Speak, two sites that played a pivotal part in my horror fandom in the 1990s. I cannot say enough about how much these sites fed my growing horror knowledge by offering me suggestions and behind the scenes trivia about popular horror franchises and cult films.

While House of Horrors was a horror website, HorrorSpeak was an online message board and community. Every day, I lurk for hours reading up every conversation and every tidbit of horror information that was released. I’d occasionally make a profile and ask a question or two, before quickly reverting back to my lurker state.

Sadly, like most internet message boards, social media slowly pulled the conversation off private niche sites like HorrorSpeak and into a more public conversation world or private groups. HorrorSpeak died a slow death, but every few months I’d pop in and see what someone would post, which usually consisted of someone just mentioning how shocked they were to still see the site online.

As HorrorSpeak slowed down and eventually was closed, I kept a close eye on the expiring domain name each year. I wanted to buy it to preserve it as an address to horror fandom. I even tried to reach out to the original owner about buying it or having it transferred but I never received a response. This year, I missed the renewal period, not that it would have mattered anyway, because GoDaddy itself bought up the name and then slapped a $1,500 price tag on it.

I cannot express how frustrated I was to see this. I was hoping to preserve a domain name in hopes that any old forum members who typed it in at random would be directed to a place where horror is celebrated and loved, just like the original HorrorSpeak. Sadly, $1,500 is way out of any price range I would have for a domain name and since it’s a corporation that owns it, I have no shot at negotiating it down.

So, after four years of failing to buy this domain name, I decided to do the next best thing. I purchased HorrorSpeak.net for $11 vs. the $1,500 that was being asked for HorrorSpeak.com. I know it’s not the same, but it’s the only way I could afford it. My hope is GoDaddy will eventually lower the price, but I’m not holding my breath on that. Until then, I’ll preserve HorrorSpeak the only way that I can, but utilizing HorrorSpeak.net as a forwarding domain for this site and potentially a tribute page in the future.



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